ZADKINE: education innovation & EdTech

Zadkine offers over 200 MBO courses in the city of and region around Rotterdam. They provide full-time, part-time, corporate pathways and also adult training. They educate from (future) bakers, hairdressers, flight attendants, business professionals, nurses to forklift drivers. This is the place where students discover their future.

Our work
Focusing on the creation of future forward education and bridging the gap between the education programmes and the job market; we bring together various stakeholders, including companies, NGOs, municipalities, alumni, students and education staff to co-create the education of tomorrow. We’ve co-developed and optimized Zadkine’s own roadmap to future forward education and support over 10 teams within the institution to grow co-learning communities and develop relevant programmes.
Our pillars include education that integrates blended and hybrid learning, is inclusive and diverse, connects personal development and leadership and treats sustainability as an integral part of future forward education.