End-to-End Strategic Innovation Leadership

Maryama was pivotal in moving our organization’s strategy into one of collaboration and co-creation. She led over ten of our internal teams in creating new education programs and value propositions for our colleges. The newly developed programs attract more students, are more engaging, and are continuously updated through our partnership with industry leaders. We’re grateful for Maryama’s work in fostering such partnerships in education innovation, and leading our teams through change as a trusted advisor.

– Education Innovation Lead, Zadkine

Now, more than ever, it is businesses that hold the key to true impact and progress.

Innovation is the key to a better future. Innovation can happen at various levels: from the organizational structure to new product/service development to the entire business’ strategic mission.

Let’s unlock your business’ chance to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals, spanning climate, society and economy.

Your Strategic Innovation and Impact Lead

Innovation is more than a buzzword—it’s a dynamic process that demands vision, strategy, and flawless execution. As your Strategic Innovation Lead, I orchestrate every phase of your innovation or impact initiative.

Strategic Vision: Craft a roadmap that aligns innovation and impact initiatives with your organization’s overarching strategy. I work closely with your team to understand your goals, challenges, and aspirations, ensuring every innovation effort is purposeful.

Agile Execution: Navigate the complexities of innovation with agility. From ideation to implementation, I adapt strategies in real-time, leveraging flexibility to optimize success and drive meaningful outcomes.

Results-Driven Approach: Innovation isn’t just about generating ideas; it’s about delivering measurable results. I am committed to achieving tangible outcomes that fuel your organization’s impact, growth and success.

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As humanity, we’re standing at a crossroads. The only institution that’s powerful enough and able to deal with the pace of change is business. How can we transform businesses so they’ll take the lead for the good of all including our planet?

Hosted by Dr. Kurt Johnson and co-hosted by Bend & Stretch founder, Maryama Marong, and Peter Matthies of the Conscious Business Institute, the interviews in this episode with Paul Polman and Rinaldo Brutoco. Listen now.

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