Co-Creative Workshops

“Having had the pleasure of experiencing Maryama as a host and presenter, I can confidently say that she excels in captivating her audience from the moment she steps on stage. Her ability to engage participants is unparalleled, and her workshops deliver powerful, meaningful insights that resonate both professionally and personally. Her expertise and passion make her an invaluable asset to any event or gathering.” – EMEA Recruiter, Nike Inc.

Our Co-Creative Workshops go beyond traditional brainstorming sessions—they are immersive experiences that align with the principles of Design Thinking and Systems Thinking, ensuring your team collaborates effectively and generates groundbreaking ideas.

Innovate Together: Break down silos and foster open communication. These workshops are carefully curated to transform your team into a powerhouse of creative thinking.

From Ideas to Action: Witness the evolution of ideas into actionable strategies. Co-Creative Workshops are not just about generating concepts; they’re about turning those concepts into tangible plans for success.

Customized for Impact: Tailored to your organization’s unique needs, each workshop is a personalized journey toward innovation excellence. No two sessions are alike because no two organizations are the same. 

We offer workshops spanning the various phases of Design Thinking, MVP-development, validation and focus group sessions:

  • Half-day Workshops (± 4 hour sessions, up to 15 participants)
  • Full-day Workshops (± 6-8 hour sessions, up to 15 participants)
  • Full Design Sprints (multiple days)

Brainstorm | Business Model Canvas | Customer Journey | Discovery | Exploration | Ideation | Persona Creation | Stakeholder Mapping | Systems Analysis | Navigating Change | (Personal) Branding | Innovation 1:1 | Design Thinking | Design Sprint

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