Meet Maryama

Meet Maryama Marong, a visionary independent consultant with a passion for innovation projects and a knack for transforming organizations through innovation, strategy, and program development. With a client base spanning Europe and the US, Maryama collaborates with teams to unlock their potential and drive meaningful change.

At the heart of Maryama’s work lies a deep understanding that people are the driving force behind any successful transformation. Recognizing that even the smallest action can create significant impact, Maryama believes that true change is rooted in the individuals who champion it. She understands that real transformation occurs beyond the confines of meetings and goes beyond the formulation of strategies – it resides in the minds of those who yearn for and eventually embrace change.

Maryama is a master at translating your vision into a comprehensive strategy, captivating storyline, or dynamic program. With bend & stretch, her consultancy, she is committed to empowering companies and professionals to better fulfill their missions through strategic tactics that yield tangible results.

With a background encompassing strategic consulting, marketing, and communications, Maryama brings a wealth of diverse experiences to the table. She holds an MBA and honed her skills at the prestigious INSEAD, solidifying her expertise in navigating complex business landscapes. Furthermore, she is a certified Agile Coach, adept at fostering agility and adaptability within organizations.

Maryama has an impressive track record, having collaborated with an array of esteemed organizations. Her previous clients include the Conscious Business Institute, TNW, Tradler, FEM-START, ABS, De Upstarter, Heineken, FIA, Mentos, Unibail-Rodamco Westfield, CBRE, Eneco, Sanctum, Zadkine, Summa College, and ROC van Amsterdam.

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