ZADKINE: education innovation & EdTech

Zadkine offers over 200 MBO courses in the city of and region around Rotterdam. They provide full-time, part-time, corporate pathways and also adult training. They educate from (future) bakers, hairdressers, flight attendants, business professionals, nurses to forklift drivers. This is the place where students discover their future.

Our work
Focusing on the creation of future forward education and bridging the gap between the education programmes and the job market; we bring together various stakeholders, including companies, NGOs, municipalities, alumni, students and education staff to co-create the education of tomorrow. We’ve co-developed and optimized Zadkine’s own roadmap to future forward education and support over 10 teams within the institution to grow co-learning communities and develop relevant programmes.
Our pillars include education that integrates blended and hybrid learning, is inclusive and diverse, connects personal development and leadership and treats sustainability as an integral part of future forward education.


Bunes & Ferenczi: content creation strategy

Bunes & Ferenczi is a boutique advisory service for B2B Tech/SaaS companies looking for growth through new customer acquisition. They make growth predictable for great businesses. Growth is about culture, customers, product, alignment and hiring.

Our work
Bunes & Ferenczi co-create and curate the transformation of their clients’ customer acquisition playbook by using data, insights, and analytics in their Go-to-Market (GTM). They always start with the basics: the customer value creation. This time around we co-created their customer value in order to distill the right content to be created that is of value to their growing client base.


Tradler: business development & market positioning

Tradler is a SaaS improving employee engagement, experience and provide leaders and managers with valuable insights. Tradler was named one of the ten exceptionally promising startups from Barcelona by EU-Startups and has won multiple awards because of their proposition and work their growing international client base.

About Tradler
Tradler firmly believes and has proven that employee engagement is built by celebrating the day to day contributions of every individual. The service improves employee engagement, experience and provides leaders and managers with valuable insights. Employees instantly receive points for their work and contributions, which they can later exchange for a gift of their choosing. Pulse surveys and productivity metrics provide leaders with data that allows them to give the right attention to the right person at the right moment.

Our work
We have supported Tradler in business development, market positioning and customer success. Laying the groundwork for some of its biggest key accounts to understand the proposition, onboard comfortably and implementing the SaaS throughout the organization (spanning over thousands of daily users). Through strategic positioning, asset development, client workshops and insight management.


Bloei & Groei: strategy

The foundation Creating Edges has developed a movement called Bloei & Groei. By turning pieces of land in the municipality of Amsterdam into healing gardens, they empower local women to find strength, support and confidence through nature and community. Bloei & Groei has grown over the past few years. And with their new project Gift of Color, art, education and fashion come together.

Our work
Strategy development and the basis for future co-creation with partners and stakeholders. Gift of Color is a multifaceted and multidisciplinary project with stakeholders such as artist Claudy Jongstra, municipality of Amsterdam, education institution ROC TOP and international museums. Read more about it here.


Sanctum: LT growth strategy

A workout experience – listed as a top trend by VOGUE – that empowers the body and expands the mind. A 50 min holistic moving sequence that puts in balance your physical body with the mind and the spirit. Routed in multidisciplinary forms of physical conditioning like modern fitness, with elements of HIIT workout, kundalini, martial art, breath work and functional movement. All garnished with the most powerful music.

Our work
Co-creating and developing various scenarios for growth, realizing a SWOT-analysis to ensure sustainable growth over time.


Upstarter: program management

Upstarter provides young professionals programs to develop skills and knowledge in the field of: Content Creation, Design Thinking, Agile Coaching, and Coaching in Amsterdam, the European start-up hub. Over a thousand students have followed their courses successfully.

Our work
Managing and providing training workshops for both the Design Thinking program as well as the Agile Coaching program. Making sure both programs were up to speed and of high content included business development, market positioning and assembling the right trainers and content provided to the student body. While adapting the programs to changing pandemic measures, resulting in blended and hybrid learning set-ups.

During the pandemic (2020) hundreds of students successfully obtained their certificates while following blended and hybrid programs.


TNW: program management

TNW is a digital media and event company with a focus on technology. Enabling people and companies to improve the world with tech, by inspiring and connecting through media, intelligence, events and spaces. The Financial Times has a majority stake in TNW.

Our work
Curating the speaker lineup and themes of TNW2020. TNW Conference is a technology festival that brings together international technology executives, top-tier investors, and promising startups for two days of business and knowledge sharing – surrounded by some of the highest production values at any tech event on the planet. Normally held in the tech heart of Amsterdam, due to the pandemic in 2020 TNW2020 was the first fully online organized multiple day conference.

We took care of the creation and strategic organization of the event content, overseeing outreach, communications and content production, attendee and tech research.

Our focus lay on the following themes and subjects amongst others:

  • EdTech: using technology to advance education
  • Wellness: how tech can be used to implement (mental) wellness solutions
  • International Relations & Politics: how the usage of advanced tech plays a role in the refugee crises
  • Inclusion & Diversity: women in the tech world, being black and in tech

FEM-START: pitch deck

FEM-START is the EDtech solution to close the startup ecosystem’s funding gap for female entrepreneurs. FEM-START removes the obstacles for female entrepreneurs and ensures that their available potential flourishes. FEM-START is different from other training programs. In line with our time’s challenges, the focus is on the platform that delivers training that meets the female entrepreneur’s needs in order of intensity.

Our work
Co-creating a pitch deck to convey what FEM-START stands for including vision, mission and ambition. Bringing together research insights, vision and strategy.